Envisioning the Future of Emergency Management focused on Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence, Emergency Management, Ethical Considerations, Technologies


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Emergency Management integration has become crucial to improving crisis response efficiency and effectiveness. AI presents new paradigms for responding to emergencies but poses technical and operational challenges, ethical considerations, and the need for robust regulatory frameworks. The study examines various AI applications in emergency scenarios and employs a systematic literature review methodology to identify solutions and future directions for ethical and effective AI integration. The findings highlight the critical balance between leveraging AI capabilities and ensuring safety, privacy, and ethical compliance. Understanding AI's full scope and potential in this critical field is essential as we navigate technological advancements. The article contributes to understanding AI's potential to transform emergency management practices and emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations and regulatory frameworks.


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Nuñez, A.-G., Quiroz-Palma, P., Penadés, M. C., Parra, O., & Alvear, O. (2024). Envisioning the Future of Emergency Management focused on Artificial Intelligence. ISCRAM Proceedings, 21. https://ojs.iscram.org/index.php/Proceedings/article/view/42

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