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Welcome to the official Proceedings of the ISCRAM Conference (2024-Present).

ISCRAM stands for Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, an acronym introduced at the first international ISCRAM Workshop which was held in Brussels in 2004. Established as an international non-profit in 2009, the ISCRAM Association promotes fundamental and applied research and the exchange of knowledge for the development and deployment of information systems for crisis management. ISCRAM researchers examine social and technical aspects related to the design, adoption, and use of information and communication technologies that support emergency and disaster mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery.

Note: Proceeding from prior conferences (2004-2023) can be accessed at idl.iscram.org.

Current Proceedings

Vol. 21 (2024): Proceedings of the 21st ISCRAM Conference
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Proceedings of the 21st ISCRAM Conference held in Münster, Germany from May 25-29, 2024. Edited by Berthold Penkert, Bernd Hellingrath, Monika Rode, Adam Widera, Michael Middelhoff, Kees Boersma, and Matthias Kalthöner.

Published: 2023-09-27

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