Vision for Emergency Management:  Conceptualizing Mission-Critical Ecosystems



Emergency management is seldom viewed through the lens of enterprises/industries, which aim to safeguard their critical missions to deliver seamless services. This article advocates for an integrative perspective on mission-critical (eco)systems. In the digital transformation landscape, the traditional notions of "mission-critical systems," often associated with physical spaces like control facilities or hardware-software crucial for business operations, are challenged. Based on document reviews, this article argues for a holistic comprehension of an organization's mission-critical ecosystems, considering internal and external factors across physical, digital, and human aspects. The article uses renewable energy and e-health as cases. The overarching goal is to expand the research scope in emergency management by examining current concerns and current trends in emergency management domain, combining preparedness, resilience, and cybersecurity. This comprehensive approach aims to enhance our ability to navigate and respond effectively to emergencies in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.


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Radianti, J. (2024). Vision for Emergency Management:  Conceptualizing Mission-Critical Ecosystems. ISCRAM Proceedings, 21.

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